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Suzanne has been a professional massage therapist and Reiki Practitioner for over 12 years. A couple years ago, during a Mothers of Preschoolers meeting, a group activity revealed many women were in desperate need for a safe space to go deeper. Their truths were of loneliness, anxiety, depression and even mental and physical abuse. It became her mission to provide the mothers in her community with a space where they felt safe, supported, seen and heard without fear of judgment or ridicule. Her gift is holding a sacred space for you to drop deeply into your own inner healing place. "I guide you through an intentional pause where you can gain clarity of what's truly important, cultivating peace of mind through practices you can use in your everyday life.”

As an Immersive Experience Leader, Suzanne is on a mission to help women reach their full potential, empower women to reclaim their bodies as sacred, to embrace self-care, and to use their intuition as a source of power.  "Expanding our capacity to receive is about questioning ourselves to find out when we are closing off our heart instead of opening our heart to love, empathy, compassion and joy."

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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."   - Aristotle

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“Suzanne held a safe, gentle, loving and empowering container where I felt truly heard and seen. She helped us going through the challenging topic with grace and ease, love and compassion, in order to achieve personal transformation and healing. She has a magnetic smile and such positive and supportive energy that I would like to sit in her circles more often!”


- Raffaella Bona